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 ” I feel like everyone always wants to do something different but always winds up doing the same damn thing. And me? I still believe in paradise but now at least it’s not a place, it’s a feeling that you’re a part of something, and when you find that feeling it lasts forever…” -The Beach


My journey began over two years ago, unsatisfied with what was lay ahead of me at the time, and yes it sounds generic. An anxious fear about what “they” call normal. 9-5, making ends meet, for what reason? I had no desire for that life. Surrounded by friends and peers who had excitement for that life. My mind, my heart constantly wandered and wondered…

“Why can’t life be a dream?” “Why can’t life be a beach?”

“my culture had taught me all the wrong things well, but the soul has no culture, the soul has no nations, the soul has no colour, or accent or way of life. The soul is forever, the soul is one” – Shantaram


It’s about self love, self worth, living for yourself. Being selfish for your own happiness, without destroying others. Realising you don’t have to settle. Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what others pretend to love. I knew I was, and am, different. I wanted something amazing. I took control. I moved to Gili Air, Indonesia. No idea how long I would stay, if it’s what I wanted or if id ever come back. Gili air, sweet sweet Gili Air.

If you havent already heard, heaven really is on earth, and it’s not as far as you think. Where the sand is white like snow, the ocean is clear like glass, the coconuts fresh and sweet, and the lifestyle is so laid back you could fall over (if you’re clumsy like me). I did my journey solo, put fears and anxieties behind me, because how can you expect to grow if you have the security blanket of a friend with you.

And as I mentioned, I’m different, no one around me with the same interests or mentality. Someone with me may jeopardise me on the journey to reaching my full potential.
I started with my Dive Master. With a deep deep love for the ocean, island life and the lifestyle it had to offer, as well as meeting new people like myself.

Yes, you will have some bad times as I said, I’m clumsy..

– having a rat fall on your head in a bar

– bed bugs

– dengue fever

– falling down in muddy puddles in the rain

– falling down a steep mountain hill and knocking yourself out

– falling off a bridge and losing your wallet, cards and all your money

– leaving your passport at the hotel and having to go back with minutes to catch your flight

SOLO TRAVEL- Keep in mind

– Passion- pour it into everything- people, conversation, art, poetry, desire, sex, craves, love, lust, the world, yourself
– vibrate good energy into others souls; making them never forget the beauty of yours.

– step out of your comfort zone- If at first an idea is not absurd then it’s not worth it (and I promise it’s worth it) I’m talking about challenging yourself, reaching what you’re mentally, physically and emotionally capable of (the good kind of risks, not danger)

– take advantage of situations you’re in. Have a positive outlook when things appear negative. It’s the worlds way of leading you in the right direction. One you wouldn’t be in if everything went according to “plan”

– the best plan is no plan, ATALL. – speak to that stranger at the bar, that local trying to sell you something, there are over 7 billion people in the world, everyone has a story and you may just learn something.

-leaving somewhere and saying see you later (not goodbyes) to someone who changed you is not the end, it’s a beautiful beginning. Someone with a soul just as radiant as the person before is just around the corner.

– try new things, when was the last time you did something for the first time?


After 8 months on Gili Air, meeting the earths finest human beings, I continued to Thailand for 6 months working as a dive master. Beach office, boat office, overnight marine park trips to secret lagoons, secret beaches and caves and the famous full moon parties.


” fall in love with expressing yourself, it doesn’t matter how you do it. Dance til your feet erode into the earth. Sing til your lungs cave in, be silent til the world understands the absence of noise is beautiful. Express who you are because what you are is essential.” – Shantaram


Everything in this world is connected. If I didn’t have the balls to leave a dead end 5 year relationship, a dead end job, a house, I wouldn’t of met the inspiring people I did. I wouldn’t be sat right here on a paradise beach, back on Gili Air after a beautiful dive writing this. Everyone says how “lucky” I am to live the life I live. And that word “lucky” is bullshit. You create your own destiny.

If you want to live in the jungle, an island, the slums, a boat, a city, then do it. Days are expensive, no amount of money can buy it back, make sure you spend each one wisely and surround yourself with people and things that make you happy.

“you don’t have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body” – unknown.


Have you ever met someone who’s smile could make flowers grow? I have, many. If everyone chased their soul the way they chase money, they would find internal peace and purpose.
I asked someone once what they thought was the meaning of life. Their answer made the most sense I’ve ever heard “whatever you want it to be”
Today I live on Gili Air, I paint dive shops, boats, bars, surfboards and bungalows. I dive, I lay on the beach and I float in the ocean. This is the life, life is beautiful, life is short. There is someone right now, in a place far away, or even closer than you think, waiting to meet you…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Perfect 🙂 x I miss you x


    1. artbyholly says:

      Miss you too girl! So glad you approve ☺️


  2. Deborah Perrie says:

    Loved the read and you are so right, too many of us are restricted by convention. Life is too short, I wish I had been so brave when I was younger, but starting to explore more now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. artgypsea says:

      They were different times Deb, we’re the lucky ones now that we have the ability and freedom to travel wherever and however we like. it’s all a journey, not a destination. it’s never too late to explore 🙂


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