NO Shoes, NO Shirt, NO car, NO WORRIES

No shoes no shirt no cars no worries.

The journeys of a dive master/doodler/traveller from Perth through Indonesia and Thailand.

If you haven’t already heard, heaven, really is, on Earth. And is not as far as you think… Gili Air. Sweet sweet Gili Air. Where the sand is white, the water is like glass, the coconuts are fresh and sweet, transport is a cimodo or a bicycle and the lifestyle is so laid back you could fall over (if you’re clumsy like me). I lived here for most of 2013 completing my Dive Master certification and being a general beach bum, then a short stay back to Perth and then a five month dive trip to Koh Phangan Thailand, it’s finally time to return home to Gili Air! (ok I’ll be honest, I had two sneaky trips back there inbetween too). I planned on staying in Perth for the year and being grown up, but if you have lived the Gili Air lifestyle, it’s very (very very very) hard to stay away.

So here I am, on a 22 day countdown to paradise. In line with the
“every day on the planet is a gift” mantra, no, I will not be wishing these days away. These days will be filled with beaches, sunshine and art (and also the office I work in, but that’s not a bad thing).

I am in the process of getting prints of my artwork made which will be available for sale @ Scarborough Feedbox markets on 24th Jan from 8am-1pm and pre sale via email. I’ll be the hippy in the tent with the “Art by Holly” sign accompanied by Turquoise decorations, a surf board and @agirlnamedarnold (my soul sista, Brooke). For an idea of what will be available, check out FB”Art by Holly” or INSTAGRAM @scubaylloh.

22 days filled with sun, fun and happiness before I fly to heaven and order satu Bintang Besar and say Selamat Minum with my Gili Air brothers and sisters from all over the globe and give my Terima Kasihs to what a beautiful life I live!

Peace and Love X

P.s. I’m new to this, so I will learn as I go

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  1. carly says:

    😍 you’re amazing.

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